Stress Management & Stress Relief Techniques and Options

Master these stress relief and stress management secrets and you could glide through challenges with the calmness of a Zen master.

Ever felt the level of stress too unbearable at times? Ever felt like throwing up and becoming blue in the face when facing stress? Stress is becoming more and more a part of this fast moving world; you can't escape it, so learn to deal with it.

A word of caution.

This website is a result of years of research, and my relentless search for the best possible stress relief techniques and stress management techniques.

I do not pretend to be an expert, so, 'activate' your common sense before you proceed.

I do not pretend that all product recommendations have been tried and tested by me personally.

It is my intention to present the widest available range of stress relief and stress management options to you, and it is for you to evaluate and decide what's best for you. If a product has been tested personally, I will say so.

Also, everything you are going to read will be written in plain English. I will try not to complicate matters by adding 'Scientific terms', unless absolutely necessary. Comprendo?

I see you are 'Nodding' your head in agreement. All good? Letís proceedÖ

Do you feel that stress is an integral part of your life, and you canít operate without some level of stress in your system? Well, I used to think so too, in fact, I think that stress is needed to provide that extra push to propel me to accomplish tasks.

How wrong can I be?

I used to be a stressed out nervous person, who almost always freaked out at the slightest things. After suffering a near fatal accident, Iíve learnt to relook at my life, and decided to do something about it. Through my years of trial and error, I stumbled upon stress relief and stress management techniques that I have used to effectively curb stress in my life. The deeper I go, the more fascinating this subject becomes.

On this website, I will talk about both conventional and non-conventional stress relief techniques and stress management techniques.

The information sourced incorporates both western and eastern concepts including stress relief techniques such as: Progressive muscle relaxation, Aromatherapy oil, Power of positive thinking, Positive affirmation, Creative visualization, Meditation technique, Breathing exercise, Relaxation exercise and Relaxation music. We will also explore the concept of brain wave and its relation to stress including: Alpha brain wave, Binaural beat, Silva Mind Control and Stress Hypnosis.

Another important aspect of stress relief and stress management are life skills. The following stress management techniques will be covered: Effective Communication skill, Time management and Problem Solving skills.

I'm going to let you in on a secret of the mind, which once mastered will enable you to cruise through life with the calmness of a Zen masterÖ

Once upon a time, two Zen monks were walking along a mountain trail; they reached a stream and met a lady who wanted to cross to the other side.

The older monk volunteered to carry her on his back. After they got to the other side, she got off, thanked the monk and they parted.

Throughout the rest of the journey, there was complete silence as both monks kept walking...finally the younger monk could not stand it anymore, and asked "Master, I thought we are not supposed to have body contact with the opposite sex?"

The older monk turned and gave a surprised look and said, "I have already let her go after we crossed the stream, why are you still carrying her?"

In life there are bound to be ups and downs, when things do not work out to our desire, most people will begrudge and get stressed over the same old must learn to Let Go.

Let's try an experiment.

Try 'Not To' think of a yellow elephant.

What happened?

You 'were' thinking of the yellow elephant, weren't you?

Do you think of what you are trying hard Not To Think? Do you find that it seems at times that we will always think of unpleasant things that we would rather not be reminded of?

It seems that they will always find a way to creep into your thoughts just when you least expect it. Donít worry if you find the description familiar, and you are also guilty of it, in fact, most people will behave likewise.

This is what the Masters of the East have described as 'The Monkey Mind'. When left alone, your mind will wander off from one thought to another. Once you have mastered the art of controlling your thinking, your mind quietens and you will have reduced a large part of stress from your life.

Learning to deal with stress with the stress relief and stress management techniques I'm going to share have many benefits, including better health, better quality of life, and better efficiency in doing things.

Join me as we embark on this wonderful journey of utilising stress relief and stress management techniques to achieve more bliss and happiness, and work towards a better life for everyone.

If you feel that I may be of personal assistance to you, or if you want to feedback anything, please contact me by email on the "Contact Us" page.

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